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By Cubie - December 05, 2014

We took a bus from Sarajevo to Mostar, costing 17KM per person. There are many buses running between Sarajevo to Mostar but train option to Mostar is said to provide beautiful scenery views. We went with the bus because of the train timing, at 6:51 and the alternative is at 18:57. I heard that the train ticket is also cheaper comparatively to bus but I am not sure how much it is to be exact.

Bus time table as at Aug 2014
Waiting for bus to Mostar
K found and booked a hostel in Mostar the night before. We made reservation of two nights in Mostar at Hostel Miran at 20KM for 2 nights per person. It was a 7 person dorm room with shared bath. It was a family run hostel and we signed up for a day tour to Blagaj, Pocitelj and Krevice for the next day.

Hostel's outdoor reception area
The day's itinerary was to walk around Mostar, on a super hot day.

The major attraction in Mostar was non other than Stari Most (Old Bridge).

Clear water of Neretva

Cejvan Cehaj Mosque in the background
Stari Most was constructed in the 16th century, survived WWII until it collapsed on 9 November 1993 from a tank shelling during the Croat-Bosniak War. The bridge we see today even though still called Old Bridge is not exactly that old, it was a reconstructed bridge in 2004.

When you are visiting Stari Most, you would notice one man going around collecting funds for Stari Most Diving. The one collecting the fund is not the diver, and this same guy jumped at least 3 times when we were there. It appears that the tradition started since when the bridge was built and there were organised annual competitions in mid summer.

The guy walking on the outer side of the barrier was collecting money for the dive

Diving in action
On the way to the bridge, you might spot this stone - "Don't Forget". Upon googled, it was said that the stone was to remind one not to forget the civil war in 1993.

Sure there are a fair bit of tourists and visitors flocking to Mostar but it was still a comfortable and charming place.

We ended the day with a night walk but not before dinner and writing some postcards to be sent.

A bit of everything - Bosnian cuisine 'chap fan' :P

Jie, one of the two was for you!

Side note: Ganbaro!

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  1. One of the places I'd really like to visit in the Balkans!

    1. Four years after you I finally paid my visit to Mostar. Definitely my vote for number one can't-miss destination in the Balkans after traveling for three weeks there. Thanks for this original post to let see a glimpse of what to expect.