Croatia - Hungary: Crossing the border

By Cubie - December 11, 2014

Early morning in Zagreb Station
Day 7 was technically our travel or rest day. After all, we had a long day on Day 6, with an early bus from Mostar to Split, then overnight train out from Split. It was also at this day that I wished I brought along that thick book 3b of A Song of Ice and Fire that I was reading then. Instead I brought along Rick Steve's Eastern Europe book. It was definitely a more practical decision and of course, I was worried that I would be tempted to leave the book after I have finished reading. I can't because it is my friend's book.

Anyway, we reached Zagreb train station on a Friday morning and freshen ourselves in the toilet. Whilst I have been made aware that the older generation are a little on the grumpy side due to the communist era, this lady who manned the female toilet takes the cake. I have accidentally pushed the wrong side of the door to enter the toilet and was greeted with a long, loud scolding.

While K continued on her book, I reread bits here and there on the one I brought and decided to wander about.

Soon after, we boarded another train, towards Budapest. The train ride took about 6 hours. Then comes another round of border check as we entered Hungary.

Gyékényes - village in Hungary, border to Croatia
My Malaysian passport took a longer glance but it was K's passport that took even longer. They were calculating on how long she has been in Europe till she brought out her working permit. This train ride felt really long as the train made rather long stop at many stations. By the time we reached Budapest, all we did was checked in, rest and dinner!

Side note: If I have brought along that book, I might have finished the whole series by now!

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  1. Did you get to wander around at each long stops?

    1. Unfortunately it was those stops that nobody left the train type....