Ten Random things about China

By Cubie - April 19, 2013

In no particular order, just some random stuff.

10. Train stations in Beijing are huge. Even if it is a connection station (from one train line to another), be prepared to walk a couple of blocks. We only encounter one, at most two, that does not required massive walking for train connections.

9. 10 cents, 50 cents and 1 renminbi in banknotes were more widely use in Beijing but in Shanghai, same denomination in coins were used.
[According to my friend who is working in China, this is because geographically wise, Beijing is closer to the minority regions. Banknotes has minority languages text]

8. People actually gives out flyers/pamplets inside paid attractions, makes me wonder if they pay entrance fees everyday to give out those flyers/pamplets.

7. People queue (when they did not cut queue) very close to each other. I've noticed people stand very close behind me in a queue, much closer than my usual comfort level.

6. There is a Xray scanning machine at every single subway and train stations.

5. There are actually a fair bit of electric motorcycles and bicycles, they are quiet and can easily 'sneak' up behind you.

4. There are still people who spit on the road.

G (Gaotie) Train from Wuxi to Suzhou

3. No English announcements were made in the intercity train stations but there were on the trains.

2. I think it is quite nifty that one of the switches in the bathroom turns on the lights together with some sort of heater so it is warmer on those cold days.

1. Of course there are tricky traders hanging around, but there are also many kind and helpful people around :)

Side note: I was told by my colleagues that some music from and old Australian made movie (Picnic at the Hanging Rock) was quite creepy. Maybe I'll google it sometime.

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  1. There's still spitting in Japan, too. Always men, usually older. I hate it.

    Despite the high population density in Tokyo, most individuals respect personal space. Even on crowded platforms they don't get too close. Packed trains, well, that's a different story. (>_<)

    Endlessly fascinating, the differences and similarities between China and Japan. :)

    PS: Spooky music? Now I want to Google it, too!

    1. Ah...and the smokers.
      I don't smoke so I am appreciative of non smokers on the street in Japan as oppose to smokers everywhere in China, even indoors :(

    2. Indoors? (@_@) Well, that happens in Japan, too, but only in smoking rooms. Actually I don't understand why you have to light your own cigarette in these smoking rooms. You can just walk in and breathe, and feel those cancer cells multiplying ...