Music-Man II

By Cubie - April 15, 2013

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After slightly over 6 years, I've finally get to see this talented and charming musicman in person (albeit from a certain distance). Long story short, I was planning to one of his concert 6 years ago but the timing was not right.

Due to the lack of chinese based radio in Australia (at least to my knowledge), it was by pure chance that we stumbled upon his concert poster plastered above an entrance to a carpark in Chinatown on one of my walks with a friend. Fate :)

Little P has been most generous to be willing to keep me company to watch this long awaited concert. I am sure if you do a little search on the net, you will find numerous review and posting on Youtube so I won't write in detail, but it must be said that I love it. :)

Side note: Am still sorting those travel photos...

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  1. I've just watched some of his videos on YouTube. Ooo. Sexy! Thanks for brightening up my Tuesday! :)

    1. It's a pleasure ;)
      Me off to check out more videos :P