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By Cubie - October 08, 2010

Activities the next day started with Notre Dame de Paris. We were armed with the Paris Pass which we bought in Arc de Triomphe the day before but queue was unavoidable.

Likewise Sacre Coeur, one could get the city view from Notre Dame. However, we went up to this one.

We were not the only ones looking out at the city...

... the gargoyles were also looking at the same view :)
There were time limit as to how long one can stay at the tower, to give a chance for other people to climb up. We reckon all those climbing up the staircase to towers worked off all the food we indulged :P

Saint Chapelle is famous of the stained glass windows. Here's how the interior looked like.

The windows illustrate the figures from the Bible, hence every picture is different.

Next to Saint Chapelle is this building - Palais de Justice

Nearby is the Conciergerie - Paris' oldest prison, it is where Marie Antionette and later the leaders of the Revolution were held before their execution (source: sacred destination)

Personally, I don't think Conciergerie is worth a visit. The pictures showed what you see inside... the description of the place sounds good, and it was next to Sainte Chapelle and the cost of admission is included in the Paris Pass... hence we were there... but of course, the choice of to visit or not is up to the individual.

Next monument - Pantheon. It is located in the Latin Quarter. I think it is a rather beautiful building. Again, like Notre Dame and Sacre Couer, one can see Paris view from this building.

I know its the weekend.. but can you hear the sighs of the heart?

Side note: Raspberry shortcakes are addictive!

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