Paris... of course - Tour Eiffel

By Cubie - October 10, 2010

The icon in Paris - Tour Eiffel (Eiffel Tower).

in the evening, before lights are up
You know, how it is always presented as the most romantic (if not the, one of the most) place on earth. Let's put it this way - imagine having a picnic with your loved one(s) with the famous tower right in front of you. Or, taking an elevator up the tower, having a quiet moment all the way up overlooking the city view. Pretty good feel, isn't it?

lights up!
Now, unless you are very rich, you could probably the only couple having the tower all by yourself (even that I'm not sure that is doable). Anyway, back to the tower. Quiet moment at the tower all to yourself is a big understatement. We will have to put in human factor. Picnic in the park with the tower - imagine every square is covered with humans doing the same with loads of people wanting to sell miniature version of the tower zigzag-ing around (they seem to sell umbrellas in Italy) Going up the elevator involves hours of queuing up. Up in the tower? Wait for your turn to take pictures :P
So there you go... the Eiffel Tower.

Here are the views taken from 1st level of the tower... sun was setting...

After sun set, from 2nd level...

It was a long wait, as the sun only sets after 9pm. Even then, the lights were not up till after 9.30pm (if I don't remember wrongly). At 10pm, a more glittery lights :)

Side note: Breakfast on the Bridge is on today but I think it is raining outside...

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