By Cubie - January 06, 2010

There is no spelling mistake on the title. I think in a way it is to potray Maid Dreaming as well as to read as "my dreaming". Don't ask me why I didnt take any pictures of the girls dressing up in maid costume giving away leaflet on the streets, but we did approached a few of them to take the leaflet. We didn't go to the first one that we took the leaflet from cos we were not hungry yet, but the second one was just around the corner, and the timing was right. So we followed the "maid" up to the shop.


It is those kind of shop where once the life opens its door, you have reached your destination. There is no corridor or other shops. As we stepped out of the lift, the "maid" who brought us up announced our presence. We were then being informed of the conditions of the cafe.

There are 2 parts of the cafe - a lounge-look-alike area with comfy sofa and the other with long tables and chairs. There is a cover charge for 1 hour with food order, should we overstay the 1 hour, additional charges will apply. (Don't ask me how much, can't remember, I think its 500 yen a hour).

Minimum duration for the lounge look alike area is 30 minutes but no food order allowed. Cover charge for lounge area of 1 hour with food is higher than the long table. We opted to sit at the long table side.

One of the term is no photography allowed except for the food that you have ordered. In this particular cafe, the theme is to set your mood to a good dream, so once we were seated, the maid brought out this light and and blew to light it... indicating the start of the "dream".

I ordered spaghetti and tour guide had steak (or maybe it is call burger) with Coke. When our drinks were being brought to the table, the maid requested for us to follow her suit and make some cute pose = ="

And... when the spaghetti was being served, the maid helped me to mix it. What I didnt expect - there was a chant to go with it, and the whole room or at least all the maids at work and I were suppose to repeat after the maid who is mixing the spaghetti, suppose to make it more tasty.

I copied the chant from here but yea, that's how the chant is in that particular cafe I went to.

Unfortunately, the picture of the spaghetti that I took is after the chanting, so... it just look like a very very plain one.

Tour guide's steak however, no chanting was required but he was allowed to pick any picture that he wanted and the maid will draw it using tomato sauce. Tour guide doesn't have a particular one that he wanted, so we let the maid decide. Hence tour guide got a cat on his rice.

Maid cafe is not a really cheap option for food but I would say it is a novelty and since both of us has never been to one, no harm giving it a try. There is nothing amazing about the food, I would say the food in The Lockup taste better. As for tour guide, I think he felt eating rice with tomato sauce is a little strange :P

Before we left, the light was of course been put off, with another blow by the maid.

Side note: 2 more weeks to home!

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