Akihabara Electric Town

By Cubie - January 02, 2010

After finished terrorizing roaming the Takeshita Dori and to avoid the growing crowd in Harajuku, we decide to hop over to the electric town.

Taking the Akihabara Electric Town exit
You can find loads of electrical goodies in Akihara, figurines of anime, little toys in capsule or anime costume. To encourage people to contribute to the capsule toys machine, there's machine to change notes into coins. I slipped in $1000 yen, and out come 10 $100 yen coins. Tour guide said I got this happy look on my face. Hmm... a moment later, he was trying to flipped through his wallet to find a $1000 to slip in the same machine. *smirk*

Anyway, here are some of the toys I bought via the machine. Another one is not in the picture and tour guide contribute his share of coins when I wanted to play with this word sticker machine in Yobadashi Akiba. This is how the sticker machine work - you get to pick the design and layout that you want, then type the words you wanted (it's a touch screen) - can be in hiragana or katakana, and will printed out in sticker form.

There were shops and shops of electrical or anime goodies. Besides that, there is this building call Yobadashi Akiba which has 8 storeys (if I don't remember wrongly) of gadgets goodness. :P

It is organized in the way that each floors is dedicated for different electric appliances. One floor for cameras, one for computers, kitchen appliances, etc. Example is this see-through dish washer for curious people who wants to see the dishwasher at work.

We roam Akihabara from daytime...

... till dark

Side note: Looks like I didn't burst the internet quota yet :P

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