Touching down in Narita

By Cubie - December 19, 2009

As we finished our breakfast on flight in a very early morning, the flight attendant announcing that we would soon be touching down in Narita International Airport. Looking out, beautiful snowflakes can been seen forming on the windows.

As we walked out of the plane towards the arrival hall, posters in kanji, hiragana and katakana confirms our arrival in the land of the rising sun. I was greeted by my first vending machine in Tokyo.

First vending machine purchase
We approached the information centre asking for options to travel to our pre-booked hotel by tour guide. We were told that airport limousine will bring us straight to the doorstep of our hotel. Our first stop - Shinjuku.

First day of our trip, and the rain is pouring with no sign of stopping. In fact, it went on and on... the whole day and night.

Side note: Hot cocoa... yum...

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