Before 10th December 2009

By Cubie - December 16, 2009

Backdated to somewhere in September
Tour guide said that Jetstar is having some cheap flights to Japan, we could possibly go for over the weekend. Tour guide has this thing about going over the weekend. Anyway, tickets were booked. Yatta. We are going to Tokyo for a couple of days. (You will know the reason as to why we didnt go longer when the time comes)

Fast forward to 30 October 2009
I grabbed a passport size photo which coincidentally is the same one as the one in my passport which was issued last year, filled up the visa application form and printed out the flight itinery together with my 3 months bank statement which happened to be from June to September 2009 (my bank account happens to issue a 3 monthly statement). Ran to the Japan Consulate Sydney in Martin Place at about 12 pm and hoping that they will accept the obviously more than 6 months old passport photo. (Read: The visa application counter only opens till 12 pm before closing for lunch, while the collection counter open till 12.30 before breaking for lunch time.)

I was send back to get a photo taken in the last 6 months, get my bank statement from September to October 2009 and with my address printed on the bank statement as well (it wasn't when I printed it initially). So my photo didn't make the cut.

I decided to get it done with, so had a quick photo taken with my messy, bushy hair during lunch time, went to the nearby bank and requested for my updated bank statement to be printed together with my address.

Took time off and went back to the Japan Consulate at about 2 pm and handed in my visa application with my fresh documents and I was told I could collect the visa in 2 days time.

Fast forward to 10th December 2009
Flew to Tokyo :)

Side note: Have not yet finished my Christmas shopping... umm....

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