Jordan: Petra by Night

By Cubie - February 01, 2020

Petra by Night is a separate event not covered by the Petra ticket. It costs an additional JOD 17 per adult and only runs every Monday, Wednesday and Thursday. It starts at 8:30pm and goes for 2 hours.

On the day of my visit, the weather wasn't great and so it wasn't confirmed that Petra by Night would run as scheduled. When I tried to buy a ticket in the morning, I was told to check again after 3pm. I went to check after 4pm when I left Petra but was told to call and check by 6:00pm. I asked the guesthouse to help me call and there were 2 sessions scheduled on that day, 7:00pm and 8:00pm. I asked for dinner to be at 6:30pm so I went for the 8:00pm session.

I walked back in through the Siq guided by candles lighted along the way, though some people would turn on the torch on their phone for more light assistance.

When I got to Al-Khazneh again, I was ushered to be seated at the front row, albeit a little to the side. Front row seats were pretty much on a rug, placed on the ground. After that, we were being served some sweet tea.

Not long after, I could hear some music by flute. I can't see anyone playing it though, so I can't tell if it was live flute music or playback. There were 2 pieces back to back, then someone narrating a story of some sort. Unfortunately it was clear enough to catch the whole narration. After that, there were different colour lights shone on Al-Khazneh.

Shortly after this, everybody was allowed to go to the front to take picture. I didn't think it was 2 hours long, more likely an hour, so maybe the 30 minutes before and after was taking into account the walk to and fro.

I began walking back after this, especially since I was barely at a strolling speed after walking doing 3 trails during the day.

(Open) secret of the lights - electronic LED covered with brown paper
On my very uphill walk back to the guesthouse, a very kind Samaritan slowed down his car midway on the road and asked if I needed a ride back to my guesthouse. I must clarify that this is very common in Jordan, especially true for taxi drivers who would slowed down their car and shout out, "2JD?" or "1JD?"

I declined and continue hobbling uphill. He asked a couple times and even said I don't have to pay him. I shooked my head and said,"no, thank you." He drove on but stopped his car by the side of the road just a little in front of me. I walked up to his car and he offered to send me back to the guesthouse again.

I know, mothers (including my mother) said don't get into stranger's car but I thanked him, and hopped in the car. He dropped me off to the guesthouse which wasn't far away. I thanked him and offered to pay. He replied, "No need to pay. Welcome to Jordan and enjoy your stay."

I am utmost grateful. This must be the Jordanian hospitality that I read often.

Side note: I found a Jordanian restaurant in Melbourne! ^^

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  1. Whoa ... a little risk-seeking aren't you?

    1. Guess I didn't feel I was in any danger but I would still stick to not getting in a random car in future. Ironically, it turned out that the one I got in a bit of trouble was with in a taxi!