Spring in Japan!

By Cubie - April 27, 2019

One of my favourite countries to visit and this marked that I've been to Japan in all 4 seasons (almost - because I was in Hokkaido in early September so technically it is autumn if we based on actual month categorisation) but still no luck with cherry blossoms.

I am very happy to have made a trip to Kyushu finally and really enjoyed my holidays. I flew in to Fukuoka International Airport with China Airlines via a short transit in Taipei. Many asked if I had plans to extend my transit, I didn't because 8 days (excluding travel) in Kyushu isn't enough. As you can see I've only done parts of northern Kyushu despite there are many places that I want to see. This was my first time to Kyushu, also my first time on China Airlines. Before this I thought China Airlines is a China flight company, not knowing that it is the national carrier of Taiwan.

My flight from Melbourne to Taipei was really good. The seat was comfortable and came with separate adjustable leg rest. The leg rest is separated from the chair, so one didn't need to straighten the back of the chair to lower the leg rest and vice versa. I noticed that the chairs in the middle rows don't come with leg rests. Usual flight food. Service was great too, ensuring that we didn't miss our connecting flight albeit the 1 hour only transiting time.

A decent selection of movies (especially when I don't watch a lot on regular days) including Asian movies in their inflight entertainment unit as it is an Asian carrier - I managed to caught up with Code Blue The MovieGreen Book, The Negotiation, A Star is Born and Intimate Strangers over 6 flights. The carrier also came with individual inflight entertainment for the 3 hour flight between Taipei and Fukuoka. I also noticed it had the last Detective Conan movie - Zero the Enforcer. Would've also watched that if I haven't already twice.

Flight price was reasonable from Australia especially considering that it was close to Good Friday - Easter long weekend. I was travelling by myself so it was all public transports and walking this round as well.

N: night, M: morning, A: afternoon, E: evening

13/04, Day 00 - On flight
14/04, Day 01 - Arrived in Fukuoka after transit in Taipei, straight to Nagasaki* (HafH Nagasaki - SAI)
15/04, Day 02 - Train to Kumamoto* (Dyeing and Hostel Nakashimaya)
16/04, Day 03 - Day trip to Takachiho, then back to Kumamoto*
17/04, Day 04 - Aso, then Kurokawa Onsen* (Ryokan Ichinoi)
18/04, Day 05 - Bus to Yufuin* (Yufuin Sonata)
19/04, Day 06 - Yufuin no Mori train to Beppu, then to Fukuoka* (Hostel TOKI)
20/04, Day 07 - Fukuoka*
21/04, Day 08 - Fukuoka, night flight back to Melbourne after transit in Taipei
*referring to overnight city

Side note: Can't wait to watch Avengers Endgame!

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  1. Very nice itinerary! You're hitting many of the places I've got my sights on, for a potential trip to Kyushu.

    Looking forward to your comparisons of Kurokawa vs. Yufuin vs. Beppu!

  2. I was contemplating Kurokawa vs Yufuin vs Beppu too but decided to do the proper ryokan experience in Kurokawa!