Hobart: A quick introductory visit

By Cubie - November 21, 2018

Hobart is just about an hour from Melbourne by flight but for some unknown reason it was the last state that I make my way to in Australia. There were plans but they didn't materialise. Last month, however, I have finally made a travel there, for work. It was mostly work really but I managed to fit in some play and food, in small pocket of free time.

Courtesy of work, I stayed at Grand Chancellor Hobart which overlooks the Hobart Harbour. The photo above was taken from the hotel's level 19. Most of my time in the hotel was spent in conference rooms for talks or in the room working. Yes, the room comes with a working desk....

We were served morning tea and lunch as part of work. On top of that, we also had dinner functions so I only ate outside for 2 breakfasts. I had to order room service for dinner on day 1 as I had to work but on second night I had dinner at The Glass House. The food we had at The Glass House was excellent but I was also trying to put on my best behaviour so no photo on that one.

Room service dinner

I wanted to have seafood in Hobart, so I ordered the Tassal salmon fillet dish. It came with lemon scented crushed potato, soft herbs and sauce americaine. It was pretty good.

Jackman & McRoss

I had a walk around and popped by Jackman & McRoss for breakfast on one of the days. It had a good review on food apps. It was ok. I had scallop pie for breakfast, not a very common breakfast item I think. Haha.

Daci & Daci Bakery

There were a couple of items that I wanted to try but in the end I chose Huon aquaculture smoked salmon, fried duck eggs & brioche. Didn't look like a big portion but definitely filling.

Walks / Things to do
A good walk round the harbour towards Battery Point, throw in a breakfast in one of the cafes then back via Kelly's Steps.

Salamanca Market
Salamanca Market is one of the Australia's most famous street market in Tasmania. It is located at Salamanca Place and operates every Saturday from 8:30am to 3:00pm (except Anzac and Christmas Day if they fall on a Saturday). It is a great place to explore great Tasmanian produce and locally made products.

It is bigger than it looks...
MONA - Museum of Old and New Art
I only have time for one thing, and given good reviews of this museum I thought I'll go have a look. I had some reservations on going to MONA because I am not that cultured. Still clueless about modern art but the place is pretty cool, and I do like some of  the interactive arts.

I won't go into details of how to get there, etc as the website is quite detailed. The ferry ride is worth it. I went there by ferry but took a taxi to the airport right after. Also want to mention that I had a carry-on size luggage as well as a sling camera bag. I had to deposit both due to size and of course, I have no intention to lug around the luggage. I carried my camera, phone and wallet with me as I walked around the museum.

The staircases don't move but reminded me of Harry Potter.. haha

That was all I did in Hobart, plenty of eating and work. Hobart, I'll return for more :)

Side note: December is next week! Wow

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  1. Tasmania is one of my bucket list. Supposedly plan to go last year when I booked my ticket to Melbourne but at the end, I cancelled the plan. Hopefully can materialise it someday.

  2. I'm sure it will... Tasmania is a beautiful state :)