New Zealand: Pit stop at Huka Falls

By Cubie - April 22, 2018

Huka Falls was on the way to Taupo from Rotorua. We checked out of our apartment in Rotorua and went to Te Puia, which was just about 10 minutes drive. From Te Puia to Huka Falls, it took about an hour's drive. Then it was another 10 minutes to reach Taupo.

Huka Falls was originated from the Waikoto River, which had an abrupt narrowing of just 15 minutes causing the powerful falls of the waterfall. I read that the volume of water over the waterfalls goes up to 220,000 litres per section. It even gave the description that this volume is enough to fill one Olympic sized swimming pool in 11 seconds. Wow!

We didn't linger long. Really just a pit stop and to stretch our legs. It was park, walked to the falls, took some photos, attempted some wefies, watchedthe Hukafalls Jets spinning, wrote and posted a postcard as the little souvenir hut sells both postcards and stamps. Then we went on our way.

If you run on adrenaline, there's Hukafalls Jet to fuel your heart. The jet gets closer to the falls and did some 360 degree spins.

Side note: Need to get my cooking mojo back...

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