Western Europe: Switzerland - Rheinfall and Zürich

By Cubie - October 05, 2017

Initially I had the bright idea of crossing the border to get to Liechtenstein for half a day and spend the remaining half in Zurich. I don't have any other days left as I fly out the next morning. After much googling and checking on train connections, it proved a little too time consuming and hectic to execute. I would most probably ended up be too tired and not see any of Zürich. On top of that, I actually had to take a train at 6 am which means getting up way before that. I guessed it was probably too ambitious of a plan. Hahaha.

In lieu of the ambitious plan, I "settled" on Rheinfall, perhaps also to compensate on sitting out on Triberg Falls and the on in Gimmelwald. Rheinfall was stunning and most likely higher than both of the falls that I didn't get to see. It was a much more relaxing trip of taking the train to Neuhausen Rheinfall and out from Schloss Laufen am Rheinfall. Both stations are near the falls.

There were a few different companies offering services to get nearer to the falls, including a stop at the tall rock in the middle of the falls. I walked around the waterfalls to the back as that would also bring me back to a train station.

The walk involves some steps climbing, these were pretty mild actually and along the way to the train station, I was rewarded with more waterfall views.

After departing Rheinfall, I headed to Zürich. I mostly walked around the old town area and found myself at the Lindenhof square. It was fairly quiet at mid afternoon but someone was playing the giant chess set.

From this square, it gives a nice view across the river towards Niederdorf.

Walking down from Lindenhof, I walked pass St. Peter Church, the one with a large clock face.

From there I walked to Fraumünster church and visited this church which was famous for its glass windows. The choir of the abbey includes 5 large stained glass windows designed by artist Marc Chagall and installed in 1970. Photography is not permitted in the church, so I didn't take any.

After that I just continued my slow stroll down the river.

It was my last night of my holiday. I tried to at least have a good sit down dinner at each place and given Switzerland's expensive living expenses I haven't had any but as it would be my last meal, I walked in to a random restaurant and had an early dinner. I had my dinner at Zeughauskeller and ordered Kalbsgeschnetzeltes nach Zürcher Art (panfried sliced veal and mushrooms in creamy white wine sauce) served with potato rosti.

It was pretty good but with the money I paid for it I really wished it was much more sensational... because it was fr. 36.50. Oh well, it was Zürich.

Since I had a good meal, might as well go all the way and get some dessert too. I'm terrible I know, have no self control over food. I bought some Luxemburgerli from Sprüngli. Luxemburgerli is a mini version of macaron but more airy.

I didn't stay in Zürich city but near to Zürich Oerlikon station, it is about 10 minutes train ride from Zürich and also about 10 minutes train ride from the airport, of course depending on which train you jumped on. It makes the accommodation ended up much cheaper as well. Courtyard by Marriott Zurich North was excellent. Grin.

Side note: Next public holiday would be the Melbourne Cup in November. 

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