Sydney: Blitzing through food and work

By Cubie - March 12, 2017

The last work trip to Sydney was so full of meeting, I almost had to miss both lunches but all ended well. I barely managed to squeeze an hour of lunch on the day we landed (yes, I was travelling with the same colleague and didn't ask her for dinner. Yes, I am horrible that way.

I caught up with one of my ex-colleague over lunch on the day we landed, the 45 minutes in between meetings. She totally made an effort to catch me on my brief work trips to Sydney, and I am grateful. It needs to be a fast affair, so we just grab lunch at an Asian shop in MLC centre. Cheap, fast and happy.

Dinner was with E and S as usual but at a different Japanese eatery serving rice burger - Gojima. There is no Mos burger in Australia. E had the Kingfish Sweet Mustard while S had the classic burger. I am at my cheese phase so I opted for a cheeseburger, looks smallish but it was quite filling, though I could still fit in a matcha thick shake, a piece of fried chicken, some cakes and ice-cream... haha.

Gojima cheeseburger
I poached this photo from E
No photo of my matcha thick shake and since this is a post on Sydney, it feels not right to post the photos of the cakes as I brought them from Burch & Purchese in Melbourne for the girls. Haha.

Gojima is in The Star and round the corner from Messina, so off we had a scoop each. We asked to try the specials but just didn't like it, so we ended up with classic flavours. Haha... I got my usual pistachio. Grin.

From top left, clock wise: Lemon sorbet, passion fruit sorbet, pistachio ice-cream
The only saving grace was that we had our long dinner in The Star, so at least it was a good walk back across the bridge.

Breakfast on day 2 was a random cafe, Kafeine near work as I didn't have much time. It was ok but it was a very warm shop and everybody was happily sitting around without switching on the fan or air con. Ahem. I can't remember the exact name to the food I ordered but it was mushroom with hommus on toast. Food was decent.

I was pretty disappointed when my manager asked for a team lunch as my brilliant idea was to head to Ippudo for my ramen dose. Seriously Ippudo, when are you coming to Melbourne? I was super excited when my manager decided to call off the lunch last minute. Hahaha. :P

I am happy! *insert super excited LINE sticker*
I was back in Grace Hotel this round, my usual choice of Swissotel was fully booked. I was almost tempted to bring along my swimsuit but the rational mind won. There was no way I could fit in time to swim with my eating schedule. Lol. Anyway, here are some obligatory photos. :P

Side note: Ok, really got to make more effort to write other things.. lol

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