10 random things or thoughts about Sri Lanka

By Cubie - October 24, 2016

1. Sri Lanka is very popular among the Chinese (as in China's citizens). It was a surprise to me. It started off with S and I sitting in the waiting gate for departure and about 90% of the people there were Chinese. I almost thought we were sitting at the wrong waiting area. Upon reaching Colombo airport, we found that there were even sim package tailored to make calls back to China.

2. Sapphire is dark blue in colour. Ha - this is more for myself. For the longest time, I have illusion that sapphire is light blue in colour.

3. Train journey in Sri Lanka is slow and they are late most of the time. I quote from a tuk-tuk driver,"They are always late."

4. Regardless of how little space there is in trains or buses, the snack sellers can pass through. 

5. I've only know 5 words in Sinhala - Ayubowan (hello), kaju (cashew), wade (or known as vadai, a type of dhal snack), iringu (corn) and stuti (thank you). I know of Ayubowan before I travelled to Sri Lanka but the rest I learnt in Sri Lanka, the food words were all from my train rides. Lol. I wished I had asked how to say, "Chula is a good cook" in Sinhala. (Chula is the excellent cook working in Hill Safari, Ohiya)

6. I can't tell you if the view up at Adam's Peak was awesome or just plain cloudy, or how I had jelly legs going down the thousands of steps or how is Adam's Peak look like in the off season, because we didn't end up climbing it. We make amends by climbing up the little brother though.

But we made it to Little Adam's Peak!
7. Sri Lanka is not a budget destination albeit bus or train fare are cheap. Admission fees, however, are steep and tuk-tuk drivers very proudly announced that we have to pay a higher price because we are foreigners. I know many places have 2 sets of prices (local vs foreigner) but it doesn't mean I have to like it. 

8. We stumbled on a TV channel in Sri Lanka that aired a Chinese movie and it was dubbed in English. Mmm... let's just say I think it is a much enjoyable movie if they retained the original soundtrack and put in subtitle instead.

9. Eating places are referred to as hotels, so don't imagine flashy 5 star sleeping location.

10. Most of the bloggers mentioned they like kottu or hoppers but my favourite is the simple rice and curry - both the Tamil and Ceylon version.... and I learned that chop suey means mixed vegetables in Sri Lanka.

Super yummy rice and curry (thali) at Sri Ram, Kandy

Side note: I tried my usual Sri Lanka rice and curry joint in Melbourne again, it unfortunately doesn't taste like what i had in Sri Lanka. Must be the water... grin. 

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