Ph(f)oto Friday: Briont

By Cubie - September 02, 2016

Please meet Briont - the happy crossover of brioche and croissant. Brioche by itself is already yummy, so is croissant. Naturally briont is excellent. I bought a loaf from Brioche by Philip.

I first found out about this bakery even before I moved to Melbourne. I was on a business trip from Sydney at that time and stumbled upon their shop on Queen Street. I still remember I bought their blueberry brioche and it was absolutely fantastic.

Besides brioche, I've now also taken a liking to their briont, bronut (brioche + donut) and matcha latte from their Little Collins Street outlet. They do good coffees too. ;)

Most of it I had it either plain, with butter or jam but decided to jazz things up and went along with Melbourne's brunch concept and made this with the last 2 slices.

Yup - my fat breakfast consisted of 2 slices of toasted briont, cheddar cheese, bacon and egg, sprinkled with cayenne pepper powder.

I concluded that this bakery is dangerous but the good thing is my office isn't near any of their branches. Lucky for me. Grin.

Side note: Not too long for a break from work now... ;)

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