Sydney: A night in Swissotel

By Cubie - August 18, 2016

I've been put at a different hotel at this stage every time I travel for work to Sydney, not too many times but at count number 4 at this stage. This is my favourite hotel but I don't have any good pictures to show. I would like to think this is because it was only a night's stay and not because I was busy stuffing myself with food. Ahem.

Swissotel Sydney is at an absolute strategic location on Market Street, a very short stroll to Pitt Street Mall and Queen Victoria Building (QVB), ok - and work too. Lol.

Walking in front from door
Olympics on TV
The white cupboard is the fridge
Retro feel tiles. Shower stall on the left so can't fit in the photo

Guess what? This hotel has a swimming pool!

I still this from their website
After my lament about hotels not having a pool, I had to fit in time to use it... and there really isn't much space in my eating schedule. My guilt conscience must be strong because I woke up at an ungodly hour of 5:30 am and braced myself in an outdoor pool. Heated but still outdoor on a winter morning. After a short splashing of water, I went for breakfast at about 7:00 am, which is also rare because I usually don't eat breakfast that early. Food comes after maybe 2 rounds of coffee and in the form of grazing throughout the day on a non weekends.

Anyway, all went according to plan. I finished breakfast, checked out and presented myself at work by 8:30 am. Not bad huh. So, back to Swissotel, if your accommodation budget allows for a stay in Swissotel, do book yourself a room there. Absolutely recommended! (... though this is not in my budget for my own self sponsored leisure travel.. sigh)

Side note: How do I know if it is cold or hay fever? Tsk

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