FB Nature Photography Challenge

By Cubie - July 02, 2016

My friend tagged me over in Facebook on this Nature Photography Challenge which I thought why not put up some photos here too, lol.. maximising on this since I have already grabbed some photos off the HDD. There's no brilliant scientific reason as to why the photos were selected or in the order that I posted.

Anyway, the idea is is to post one photo (past or present) a day for 7 days and tag a new friend each day to pass this along. The idea is to flood Facebook with beautiful photo of nature.

Day 1: 
Asahidake 旭岳, Hokkaido, Japan (2012)

Day 2: 
Grand Canyon, Arizona, USA (2011)

Day 3:
Tanah Lot, Bali, Indonesia (2008)

Day 4:
Song Kul, Kyrgyzstan (2015)

Day 5: 
Kravice, Bosnia Herzegovina (2014)

Day 6: 
Mount Cook, New Zealand (2013)

Day 7: 
River Cave, Jenolan, NSW, Australia (2014)

Side note: Alright, got to stop procrastinating!

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