Central Europe: Itinerary for 21 days

By Cubie - January 25, 2015

Ok, I lied. This is really the last one, I promise - an index page. 

Here's some Yugoslavia history in small bite to get you into the mood.
And breakdown of travel days and links to accommodation.

Qatar: Doha
Day 0 - transit on the way to Zagreb and back from Warsaw, because I travelled with Qatar Airways.

Croatia: Zagreb
Day 1 - Half day in Zagreb before taking another flight to Sarajevo at night

BiH: Sarajevo
Day 2 - Walk around Sarajevo city
Day 3 - Historical Museum of BiH and Tunnel of Hope

BiH: Mostar
Day 4 - around Mostar

BiH: Blagaj, Pocitelj, Kravice, Hum Hill
Day 5 - Day trip from Mostar

Croatia: Split
Day 6 - A day in Split

Hungary: Budapest
Day 7 - Travel / Rest day
Day 8, 9 and 10 - Things to do in Budapest

Czech Republic: Prague
Day 11 - Travel / Rest day
Day 12, 14 and 15 - Things to do in Prague
Day 13- Day trip to Kutna Hora

Poland: Krakow and Warsaw
Day 16 - Wieliczka Salt Mine
Day 17 - Around Krakow including Kazimierz (Jewish Quarter)
Day 18 - Auschwitz-Birkenau
Day 19 - Wawel Hill

Day 20 and 22 - Around Warsaw
Day 21 - Warsaw Uprising Museum and Centrum Nauki Kopernik

Till then Europe, I shall return!

Side note: Do you feel ticklish when had a massage?

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  1. Tq for sharing all the information and your experience.

    1. I had fun writing too... it 'prolongs' the holidays ;)

  2. It's so so so so beautiful! Really wish I could go Central of Europe next time. Your blog is very helpful to plan for my dream trip =)

    1. I'm envious of your holidays! Can't wait to travel to bhutan and Nepal

  3. Cool!

    This index post does make it easier to refer to your trip posts. :)

    1. Don't encourage my obsessive compulsive trait. I might be tempted to go back and do one for all the past holidays.... ;)