Bags of Fruits

By Cubie - September 02, 2012

Fruits from Little P
When I first came to Australia and brought fruits to visit people, I was told that people only bring fruits to visit sick people in hospital. Umm.. that was one of the first few things I was told. So it was rather funny when Little P came visiting with a bag of fruits, every time.

Don't get me wrong. I love them, they were all home grown, as organic as can be. Hehe, so I was one the lucky beneficiary of Little P's uncle's fruit trees. Though the persimmon there didnt quite like the fact that I didn't keep it together with an apple and banana. It was still quite sappy when I bite into it, even after I left it on the kitchen bench for close to 5 weeks. I was rather worry one day when I came back, it would get thrown away. LOL.

Oh.. if the picture isn't clear enough, it was a mandarin, persimmon and lemon (from left)

Side note: I wish the weekend is longer :(

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