Across the Harbour Bridge to Hyde Park

By Cubie - May 13, 2012

It's hard not to notice the Opera House in Sydney

Initially had the intention of doing a whole day walk, something like seeing Sydney City in a day or something. By the time I reached Pitt St Mall, I canned the idea, got some grocery and hopped on the train home. :P

Comparing to KL, Sydney is a much more walkable city... much, much more, just put on a comfortable shoes and you are good to go, though I've seen many ladies walking across the bridge in high heels, a very impressive feat, in my opinion.

The other side... the side opposite the Opera House

The Harbour Bridge is my usual running trek..and to set the record straight, everybody who runs, zip  pass me. I must be the slowest in a slow pack, if there is any.
This is what you see if you walk towards the City

I find it interesting to see a church in the midst of the tall buildings, all trying to get the best water view.
Anyway, there are a few "exits" from the bridge, going to The Rocks, Circular Quay, Opera House. I took the one going down the staircase, heading towards The Rocks. There's usually a ice cream van to greet you once you reach the end of the staircase. Diagonally from the staircase, you'll see the Australian Heritage Hotel.

If you are looking for Kangaroo Meat Pizza, this is the place you can find them.
If you walk along the road, it will eventually bring you to George Street, the main street. I usually cross the road, and take the road where the hotel is on my right hand side. A short walk will bring you to Susannah Place Museum.
At Susannah Place Museum, turn left and go down the staircase. If you turn left, you'll find yourself at The Rock's market, held every weekend. If you take the right turn and walk straight on, you'll be heading towards George Street. I took the right turn but instead of walking down the street, I walked towards the Circular Quay :)

The artist is an Italian, but this picture is really taken in Sydney oh...

Across from Circular Quay, is this beautiful building - Customs House. On/off there are some exhibitions held here, there's also a library in this heritage building. I remembered looking at some Japanese books in the library there.
When I go for leisure walks, I try to take different roads, so I can see different things. The a lot of the roads in Sydney are parellel to one another up to a certain area, example Pitt Street and George Street. I turn right at Philip Street, which is parellel to George Street. At the corner of Philip and Albert Street, stood the Justice & Polic Museum.

 Nah, never been into this one either...

One street east from Philip Street, lies Macquarie Street where you can find the Parliament House, State Library and Sydney Hospital.

State Library of NSW

Guess where I see this fountain?

Ha! Everybody who sat at the cafe facing this fountain must've thought I've lost it...or some lost tourist taking pictures of this fountain.. located in the Sydney Hospital. :P

By this time, I reckon it is time to reward myself with a dark chocolate mocha from Lindt (at Martin's Place)

Not the cheapest coffee but I like the dark chocolate mocha from Lindt, can't have it often.. only once in a while. Somehow the one I had yesterday doesn't seem to match the taste I had locked in memory.. maybe just one of those days.. shrug..

If you haven't give up walking, a short stroll to Hyde Park to take some photos of Archibald Fountain and St Mary's Cathedral.

Giant chess set

Not a lot of people walking down Philip Street on a weekend so it could be a nice little walk, as shops are located around Pitt Street and George Street area.

Side note: Kirribilli Markets today!

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