Kangaroo Island: Flinders Chase Visitors Centre & Hanson Bay Wildlife Sanctuary

By Cubie - July 12, 2011

Flinders Chase National Park is one of Australia's largest and earliest conservation park. We were given a bus tour to feel how big it is... but a stop was made at the visitors centre. That was actually the last stop, as mentioned on the itinerary but the driver/guide told us that if we are quick, he will squeeze in another location to see koalas and kangaroos. I admit it was a nice gesture, especially to travellers outside of Australia :) (but yes, rest assured, I have experience of seeing koalas & kangaroos many times)

I was the last again getting on the bus from the stop for Admirals Arch. Don't know what that happened, I was last but I was on time. So... it must be the rest who came back earlier. Anyways, I was very determined not to be the last again, second last would be fine :P

Anyway, back to the Visitors Centre. Many bought coffee, they have a small coffee takeaway place, also selling souvenirs and stuff. I bought a bottle of water but what caught my eye was this.

I honestly thought, "Hey, chocolates!"... till I saw the sign :P

Oh... I wasn't last :) I was third last, lucky that the cashier who served a couple at the next register to the one I was queuing up was a tad bit slower. So I got lucky.

We were treat to an additional stop - Hanson Bay Wildlife Sanctuary. And it rained.

Koalas were high up on some of these trees, but it wasn't fun when it was raining and I don't have an umbrella with me, and jacket wasn't really waterproof.

The other attraction was these Skippies here...

A couple who offered to take a picture of me together with these kangaroos were quite surprise I told them it's alright. LOL, guess I wasn't really in the mood and yeah, I have had photos with kangaroos. I'm actually quite scare of them. The one staring straight at me looked very much like it would jump and give me a huge kick.

That was the last attraction stop for Kangaroo Island Highlights Tour :)

Side note: Woke up this morning thinking about Eastern Europe... its totally random thoughts..

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