Of Dragon Boat Racing and Chinese Garden

By Cubie - November 01, 2009

As we were on the way to crossing our 2nd bridge, Pyrmont Bridge, we saw a dragon boat racing going on in Darling Harbour. I am, however, unsure what was the celebration or occasion but we stopped for a look and grab a couple of pictures :P

And it so happens that the Chinese Garden was opened for free to the public due to Darling Harbour's 21st birthday (if I'm not mistaken). It wasn't really far from the Pyrmont Bridge, so we popped in quickly :D

Traditionally looking Chinese garden with background of tall commercial buildings

Some naughty bird on top of the tree

Somehow, at that time, I did feel that the Chinese Garden wasn't exactly really near to the Pyrmont Bridge, it was quite a detour and we secretly think we couldn't finished the 7 Bridges Walk on time. Oh well.. but we did... so all was good :P

Anyway, thanks to the detour - we managed to get this picture, and as you can see... the sky was getting really dark.

with monorail and the bridge was "rotating" back to normal... um, not quite sure how to describe it correctly

Side note: Suddenly got doughnut attack since last night...

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  1. Can't tell it is in Sydney from the photos...

  2. haha... :P with dragon boat racing and chinese garden hor.. :P